Fraser Basin Council engaged Kirk & Co.’s design and digital teams to update Plug In BC’s branding and revitalize its digital presence. The program’s old branding was ready for a refresh, and the design incorporated a generic logo of an electric passenger vehicle—also used by other organizations in the space—that did not accurately convey the full scope of the program.

After assessing Plug In BC’s existing brand identity and evaluating its effectiveness in the competitive landscape, we began an iterative design process to develop a new logo. The resulting design is modern and energetic, and clearly linked to the organization’s purpose. New typefaces, colours, and graphic elements combine to create an eye-catching and distinctive new look for the program. To maintain brand consistency, we formulated comprehensive brand guidelines which outline the proper usage of the new branding elements, including logo placement, colour schemes, typography, and suggested graphic usage of brand elements.

Kirk & Co.’s digital team worked with Plug In BC to incorporate the new branding into the program’s website. We also carried out a full web audit and refresh, including restructuring the navigation and information architecture and streamlining the user journey, to enhance user experience and ease of use.

Throughout the project, we closely collaborated with Fraser Basin Council’s leadership and staff to ensure that the new branding accurately reflects their vision and objectives. The outcome is an exciting brand identity that sets Plug In BC apart from other organizations in the space, along with a more user-friendly, modern website design.


Plug In BC


Fraser Basin Council


Visual identity, web design, graphic design


Plug In BC is a program delivered by the Fraser Basin Council focused on accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) by individuals and businesses. The program serves as a pivotal hub of information on incentives and initiatives related to passenger and fleet vehicles, micromobility, and charging infrastructure.

Learn More – pluginbc.ca