Kirk & Co. provides strategic communications and engagement support to the Gateway Transportation Collaboration Forum (GTCF) in support of the Greater Vancouver Gateway 2030 strategy, as well as stakeholder and government relations advice, and technical writing support. Working closely with the GTCF’s Secretariat and Steering Committee, Kirk & Co. developed a communications and engagement plan to build awareness of and support for Greater Vancouver Gateway 2030, as well as specific transportation projects identified by the program.

Following implementation of this plan, Kirk & Co. assisted the Gateway Transportation Collaboration Forum with the development of applications to secure federal funding commitments from the National Trade Corridors Fund and Canada Infrastructure Bank. To date, more than $300 million in federal funding has been committed to Greater Vancouver Gateway 2030 projects.

Kirk & Co. provides day-to-day support for Greater Vancouver Gateway 2030 by developing strategies for digital engagement, public and stakeholder relations, and creating all public-facing materials for the program, including a website, highlights document, fact sheets, video, social media content and presentations.


Greater Vancouver Gateway 2030


Gateway Transportation Collaboration Forum

  • Transport Canada
  • B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Vancouver Fraser Port Authority
  • TransLink
  • Greater Vancouver Gateway Council

Strategic communications and engagement, government relations and graphic design


The Greater Vancouver Gateway 2030 is the Gateway Transportation Collaboration Forum’s (GTCF) strategy for smart infrastructure investment to address the community impacts of trade and population growth.

The GTCF, established in 2014, is a collaborative effort to ensure the gateway is ready to manage growing trade and consists of Transport Canada, the B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, TransLink and the Greater Vancouver Gateway Council.

The Greater Vancouver Gateway 2030 identifies transportation projects that will enhance the movement of goods and people through the Vancouver Gateway, and support sustainable growth, environmental stewardship and liveability for communities. The Greater Vancouver Gateway 2030 is guided by the Government of Canada’s commitment to strengthen trade corridors to increase trade and access to global markets.

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