Mark Grant

Mark Grant

Senior Associate

Mark Grant has over 16 years of experience in regulated markets, stakeholder engagement, Indigenous engagement and commercial transactions. He has developed engagement strategies for use with government and Indigenous communities and has negotiated numerous agreements with multiple communities around British Columbia.

Mark’s core competencies are focused on problem solving and project management. Whether it was leading teams of technical experts to complete an environmental assessment process for an energy project, or negotiating and executing commercial transactions with international energy development companies, he has demonstrated leadership in a variety of challenging environments.

Mark has a unique mix of experience from the senior levels of government, to managing the turn-around growth of a private development company. His skills and experiences, in both the public and private sectors, give him an ideal set of competencies in policy development, regulatory markets, financial due diligence and deal structuring.

Mark is based in Toronto and completed his Bachelor of Arts in History at the University of Alberta, along with an MBA from the University of Liverpool.